Bachelor Data Science by Design: an international course

Our Bachelor Data Science by Design is an international experience

The world is the playground of data scientist, because data know no borders.
To prepare you for this international reality, you will complete your first two years in France.Then, you will have the opportunity to spend one semester of your fourth year studying abroad in either a European or a non-European partner university. This will, without any doubt, enhance your intercultural and linguistic skills.

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The Bachelor Data Science by Design is a multicultural course

By doing the Bachelor Data Science by Design, you will have an international experience.  
First by working in an international environment,
with both the Bachelor students from all over the world and under the supervision of a team of international research professors.
For example, students come from the following countries: Brazil, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Mauritius, India, Lebanon, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, Vietnam. 

Secondly, through studying abroad in the second semester of the fourth year in a partner university in Europe or outside Europe.
Finally, you have the opportunity to do one of your internships internationally, either in a company or in a research laboratory, which also gives you research experience.

The teaching staff of the bachelor's degree is made up of research professors in the bachelor's degree disciplines and of several nationalities.

CY Tech as part of CY Cergy Paris University owns a "Bienvenue in France" Label

Our university was recently awarded the “Bienvenue en France” label, which distinguishes French Higher Education institutions that have developed reception and integration facilities dedicated to international students.

French academic excellence for our Bachelor Data Science by Design

One of the aims of CY Cergy Paris University, of which CY Tech and CY school of design are part, is to create high quality academic cooperations: Bachelor and Master. As a result, these multi-skilled degrees enrich the academic quality that we are able to provide.

This is a great quality of pedagogical innovation that the university and its components CY Tech and CY School of Design know how to demonstrate and that you can benefit from through this Bachelor Data Science by Design. The resulting courses often lead to a double degree and we have a strong ambition to develop more and more of them internationally.

Finally, our courses aim to train transitional actors capable of responding to the societal, ethical and digital challenges of the 21st century, without borders.

International training, a pillar of CY Tech's strategy

CY Tech has placed the creation of innovative international courses at the heart of its development strategy. And we have been carrying out numerous actions for several years to strengthen this major part of the school's development.
  • Perfecting our international positioning of excellence (Erasmus, Bologna, 2012-2027) + international compliance
  • Revolutionizing the quality and competitiveness of higher education on the international scene: EUTOPIA
  • Encourage entrepreneurship policy in European and international calls for proposals.
  • Disseminate and enhance the value of the actions and knowledge of "training - research" through an involvement in the development of new technologies. 
  • To broaden the fields of interaction of University Research within CY Tech to actors of the international scientific community, to institutional and industrial actors, to open-labs and research laboratories. 

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