Combining Data and Design?

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Data Science in the 21st century

Data is the digital gold of the 21st century

Its collection, storage, sharing, structuring, analysis, exploitation and representation are the conditions for a greater understanding of life, a healthier society and improved outcomes for our planet.
These outcomes turn out to be complex tasks because they require a mastery of not only highly specialized mathematical and computer skills, but also needing to call on different types of knowledge, methods and design tools, in order to put them at the service of each and every one of us.
It is the goal of the International Bachelor's Degree "Data Science by Design" to give you this double mastery.

Data is everywhere

Data Science applies to many fields such as social networks, health, education, mobility, smart cities, urban planning, manufacturing, food & agriculture, finance and physics.
Problems and opportunities are everywhere, and they need to be both identified and resolved.

Data is complex

Becoming a Data Scientist and being able to unleash the power of data requires a broad investment in major areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics and Programming. Data Scientists also need to be thinking of how to integrate cutting edge technologies, including Quantum Computing. 

The world is the playground of data scientists, because data science knows no borders.

To prepare you for this international reality, you start your program in France for 2 years, and continue during your third academic year while studying abroad a whole semester in a European or a non-European partner university, which will, without any doubt, enhance your intercultural and linguistic skills. 

Data Science... by Design ?

Because mastering data is no longer enough to make a difference, the dual skills we offer in our Data-Science by Design Bachelor's degree provide you with the knowledge that will enable you to confront your analysis with the context of a world in full transition, and to influence reality towards the best decisions for humans and for living beings.

Design: For the living

Design is the mode of project resolution that puts the human being at the heart of the problem and more broadly all living things.
Mastering numbers is only useful today if one is able to confront one's own analysis with the reality of the world, and for that one must learn to know and analyze it.

Design is the economic development lever of the 21st century

In the 21st century, it is no longer possible for a company to create value without offering the best possible experiences to its customers.
This requires focusing attention not only on their needs, but also on the expectations of meaning and responsibility from companies and brands.
This means more than ever doing design.
This investment in design has an immediate return, not only for customers, but also for employees, partners and shareholders.
As one of McKinsey's latest reports shows, the most successful companies in design are increasing their revenues and shareholder returns at almost twice the rate of their competitors.

Design is the multidisciplinary method for solving complex problem

In an increasingly complex world, it is no longer possible for one person or one discipline to understand and solve everything.
On the contrary, it is more necessary than ever to bring together different and complementary people and disciplines to achieve these objectives. Design is precisely this method that allows all these intelligences to be brought together within a shared project culture.
By articulating their differences and their knowledge to put them at the service of the resolution of the same problem, all these professionals make design.

The world is the new playground for designers as they create successful life experiences.

The Covid-19 crisis shows us more than ever that human society is only one!
Everywhere in the world, men and women are emancipating themselves, seeking their happiness, while facing problems that are similar, in environments that are not similar. All of them demand attention.
They all deserve the best possible conditions to accomplish their projects, and simply to live successful life experiences.
It is the designer's mission to bring together the knowledge, talents, intelligence, and people of all ages to help create these successful living conditions for each and everyone.

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Get your Data Scientist University Diploma and your Design Certification

After four years of study, students will graduate from a BSc. Hons. Bachelor’s in Data Science by Design from CY Tech Cergy Paris University and a Design Thinking Certification from CY école de design. And with just one more year of studies, students can obtain the 5-year Engineering diploma from CY Tech Grande Ecole or a Master’s in Data Science.

By following our Data-Science by Design training, you will obtain skills that are highly sought after today:
  • Mastery of Data, which gives you a comprehensive vision of the improvement levers in the areas in which you will act.
  • Design, which provides you with the necessary methodology to determine which of these levers should be activated to improve the life experiences of your contemporaries and their environment.
You will then be the link capable of understanding and analyzing the complexity of the situations you will have to deal with, in the greatest exhaustiveness of the means and their consequences.


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