Bachelor Data Science by Design: Program Structure

A program divided in 4 years :

Basic courses represent about two-thirds 2/3 of the program and projects represent the other third of the program.
These courses allow you to acquire a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, databases, artificial intelligence, data mining, and statistics.
These are the essential building blocks for any data scientist. The training is progressive.

During the first two years, the data analysis and statistics courses provide you a first foray into the field of data science.

The third year has a focus on Data Science in the first semester with courses in deep learning, machine learning, and data cleaning and processing.

During the fourth year, you complete and deepen your knowledge and skills in computer and data science.
The second semester is dedicated to an academic mobility in a partner university or a 6-months internship.
At the end of the first year, the success rate is 80%.

All courses are validated with continuous assessment and the program is demanding.
If you work regularly and seriously you'll succeed.

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Project-based teaching

Projects play an important role in the program, with short projects lasting a week, such as a Hackathon, and longer projects lasting a semester.
For semester-long projects, two half-days per week are dedicated to them :
you are supervised by a teacher on one afternoon and you work independently and in groups on the second afternoon.
From the third year onwards, the project subjects are linked to the problems of companies.


Internships are also a strong point of the program; the length and type of internship vary throughout the program.
You'll have a total duration of internships during the training of 44 weeks.


The link with companies is also a pillar of the training.
Professionals give you lectures in fields related to data science. Projects and internships allow you to prepare for the business world and to be confronted with business problems. Courses are also given by professionals.

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Bachelor Data Science by Design: What do we learn?

The bachelor's degree offers a complete training specialized in Data Science.
Mathematics, computer science, programming in different languages, statistics, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data management. 

The bachelor also offers advanced training in Design.
Humanities: Ethnology, Sociology, Ecology, Design Methodology (including Design Thinking). All the tools to know the world and the human being and to solve problems for the living.

The last third of the course is dedicated to project-based learning.
Each year you work on 2 major projects lasting 15 weeks and 2 minor projects lasting one week.

Bachelor Data Science by Design: Teachers

The teachers of the bachelor's degree are research teachers at the university. 
In addition to a high-quality academic education, the program benefits from a research environment that offers you the possibility of doing one of your internships in a research laboratory. 

The collaboration with CY school of design trains you in the problem-solving methodologies of design (including design thinking) and in the Humanities and Social Sciences, putting the user at the heart of the project, to solve problems in order to create successful life experiences.

CYU is one of the universities of the Eutopia alliance.
Within this framework, you are encouraged to participate in inter-university actions.

Thanks to the network of partner universities abroad, it is easy for you to study in another country in the second semester of the fourth year.

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Career opportunities

During the 4 years of our Bachelor Data Science by Design, you increase your professional experience because at the end of each academic year, you do an internship. This internship can be done in a company, a research laboratory, in France or abroad.
Internship periods: a combination of 44 weeks as a mandatory part of the program (Year 1: 4 weeks / Year 2: 8 weeks / Year 3: 16 weeks / Year 4: from 16 weeks to 6 months depending on the student’s Year 5 project).

This course can be directly applied to work in a wide range of services and international-oriented departments in such positions as Security Manager, Data Analyst, Data scientist, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Developer in a wide range of fields such as Social Networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), Healthcare, Industries, Agriculture, Finance. 
Currently, Europe is lacking 300 000 jobs in the field of Data Science. 

Bachelor Data Science by Design: Practical Informations

Type of degree obtained:
University diploma and computer science degree
Design Certification from CY school of design

Starts: in September
Mode of Study : full time
Duration: 4 academic years
ECTS: 240
Teaching Language: English

Continuation of studies:
Possibility with an additional year to obtain an engineering degree or a master degree at CY Tech in the following fields: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity business intelligence and thusly obtain an additional specialization. 

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