Bachelor Data Science by Design: Internships

Internships are also a strong point of the program; the length and type of internship vary throughout the program: from 4 weeks in the first year for an introduction to company life, to 4 or even 6 months in the fourth year with a real corporate project linked to Data Science. 
At the end of your studies you'll have made 44 weeks of internship in 4 years.

How to find your internship?

In order to find your internship for your Bachelor Data Science by Design, you have access to Career Center from a partner of the university: Job Teaser. 
Through the corporate relations department, you have access to a list of companies that have received interns in previous years.
The university's research professors have links with research laboratories, allowing you to do internships in laboratories in France or abroad.
You are guided through the process of setting up an internship agreement.

Bachelor Data Science by design: Examples of Internship Subjects

During the last few years, students from the Bachelor Data Science by Design made internships as you'll have to by doing the Bachelor.
Here are examples of subjects they had to deal with:
  • Work on a company's virtual and augmented reality tools.
    Implementation of a new method of mixed reality interaction and comparison with existing methods
  • Sequencing of sports matches.
    Setting up highlights. Implementation of a Fantasy league game
  • Contribution to the creation of exercises for learning Data Science and foreign languages with an artificial intelligence based platform
  • Stylometric analysis of large scientific corpora

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