International Bachelor Data Science by Design

Become an expert in Data Science for better life experiences.

Every day, we generate and manipulate data, and our understanding of the world becomes all the more precise, thanks to Data Science.
A Data Scientist works on the exploitation of this data in order to answer problems in fields as varied as medicine, agriculture, social networks or security.
He/she must collect this data, clean it and analyse it. He/she must structure, manipulate, interpret and stage it to produce the best possible decisions and services for the problem at hand.
To do this, we train you to master many disciplines: mathematics, computer science, statistics, databases and data management, programming, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. 

But structuring, analysing and making data talk is not enough if it is not put at the service of society in a world in transition.
How can we put this scientific and technical knowledge at the service of successful life experiences for each and every one of us?
Our Bachelor’s degree is unique in that it gives you the skills to do this through Design.
Knowledge of general culture, social sciences, data ethics, economics, as well as high level critical thinking and problem solving skills are requiredto face the complexity of our changing world.



Towards an Engineering Degree by CY Tech

The four-year Bachelor’s degree offers a complete training specialized in Data Science through its syllabus, projects and internships.
At the end of the Bachelor’s degree, after a selection process, you will be able to pursue a fifth year and obtain a “Grande Ecole” Engineering degree in the following fields: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, business intelligence.

A Partnership Between two Major Institutions

This Bachelor Data Science by Design is offered by two schools of CY Cergy Paris University. It will allow you to obtain a high level of expertise in Data Science thanks to the academic excellence of CY Tech, the Engineering school recognized in France and internationally. Through this program, you will gain a specific expertise in design thanks to the support of CY school of design.

This is what makes this Bachelor’s Program unique: the mix between Sciences and Design. 

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Big Data for a Better Life

You become excellent Data Scientists, thanks to CY Tech : a leading engineering school

Located in Greater Paris and in Pau, CY Tech is primarily an Engineering Graduate School.
It has earned the “Grande Ecole” status, the highest recognition stated by the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research. CY Tech is also a member of the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” (CGE), a French association that gathers elite higher education institutions, which meet strict criteria regarding the recruitment process, educational approach, international and corporate network. 

Accessible after the completion of a secondary education diploma or through a dedicated post-secondary preparatory class, it delivers a Master’s degree in these four fields: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology & Chemistry.
Two university departments have been incorporated into CY Tech: the Institute of Sciences & Techniques (IST) and the Institute of Economics & Management (IEG), which broadens our overall course delivery in these specific areas. 

CY Tech course offer is structured in the following manner:

  • A five-year Grande Ecole Engineering program;
  • Post-secondary preparatory classes leading to Grande Ecole program enrollment;
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Programs;
  • Continuous training programs: Specialized Postgraduate Master’s;
  • International Master’s with campuses located out of France;
  • PHD programs.

With CY school of design your design approach makes you a better expert than elsewhere.

From matter to decision, from product to experience, CY School of Design trains professionals who contribute to creating the conditions for successful life experiences for everyone. 
Design applies to strategies, organizations, systems, services, interfaces and objects. Human centered design application provides the critical thinking skills that contribute to the creation of successful life experiences.

To achieve this, within the Grande Ecole CY Tech, it combines academic excellence with the demands of professionalization, in its Mdes in Global Design, and in two mixed programs: the double diploma of engineer-designer and the Bachelor of Data Scientist by design.

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The main strengths of the Bachelor Data Science by Design!

A strong professionalization

Partnerships with companies, tutored projects, lectures/conferences given by professionals...
44 weeks of internship in 4 years

Offers many opportunities

This course can be directly applied to work in a wide range of services and  international-oriented departments in  such positions as Security Manager, Data Analyst, Data scientist, Data Architect, Business Intelligence  Developer. Data is the digital gold of the 21st century and Europe is currently lacking 300,000 jobs in the field of Data Science.

The power of the university

The Bachelor Data Science by Design is a partnership between CY Tech and CY School of Design, both part of CY Paris Cergy University.
As such, they are both part of the CY Alliance, which brings together 4 Graduate schools and 13 Grandes Ecoles, including  ESSEC business school.
Therefore, as they both benefit from a unique multidisciplinary ecosystem and strong promises of collaboration in inter-school projects, the Bachelor also benefits from this.

Continuation of Studies

The Bachelor Data Science by Design is a 4 year program, but you have the possibility of obtaining a "grande école" engineering degree by doing a 5th year at CY Tech.


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