on November 19, 2021
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Published on November 19, 2021 Updated on November 19, 2021

Workshops led by the writer Hugo Boris

Hugo boris, Writer

French as a foreign language in the Bachelor Data Science by Design: Workshops led by the writer Hugo Boris.

The French writer Hugo Boris will hold two workshops for the Bachelor Data Science by Design Students.

The Bachelor in Data Science by Design students live in France and follow different classes in English.
They follow French classes so they can communicate in French in various daily life situations and understand the intricacies of the French language and culture. They also need French classes to find an internship in France and settle in well with their French colleagues. Once they are done with their studies, they are capable of adapting to both French-speaking and English-speaking environments.

The French writer Hugo Boris will hold two workshops for the advanced French class (B2 level) mixed with some French and bilingual students. He will discuss his latest book: The bravery of others. This book is about the universal fear of confronting others. It is also about both the individual and collective lack of courage to stand up for oneself or for others in scary situations encountered in public transportations.

In his book, the author speaks about the courage of these other people, those who sit next to us in public transportations, those who dare speaking out when there is a violent altercation for instance. Like this day when Hugo Boris only dares to ring the alarm bell in a quarrel in the métro while he obtained his black belt in Judo…the day before !
He is obsessed with his lack of bravery and he starts observing people in public transportations.
He shares his doubts, his fears but also his admiration for certain behaviors and some dialogues he hears in the corridors of the métro. What comes out from all these experiences is fear, humor and humanity…

Hugo Boris will be invited twice in the French advanced class:
  • On Thursday, October 14th, he is going to talk about his work as a writer, the book industry, his work methods and of course his latest book!
  • On Thursday, November 18th the students will have written a memory of a situation they experienced (or someone they know) in public transportations –in France or abroad-, making up at least one line of a short dialogue (Hugo Boris will have received these written productions by email before Thursday, November 4th). Then, he will mix some events told in these stories with fiction; he will then share is work with the class.
Cécile d’Agaro, the French as a foreign language teacher at CY Tech., holds the French classes that took place before these two workshops.
They allow the students to apprehend a wild range of vocabulary through the studies of extracts from the book. The French students work in pairs with the International students for a more fulfilling experience. They exchange their point of views on certain very concrete experiences. To help the International students with these debates, they work in parallel with the verbs of opinion and feelings followed by the subjunctive form in French. They develop abilities to understand the complexity of certain themes in sometimes-difficult texts.

Therefore, it becomes easier for them to talk spontaneously about some complex themes and to expose the pros and cons of various situations.